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Get Faster, Deeper, Longer Lasting Effects from
Your Topical CBD

Harnessing the power of far-infrared heat and ultrasound waves to maximize the power of CBD.

CBD oil and other CBD topical treatment have been used for centuries to enhance healing, reduce inflammation, and treat a variety of conditions.  Today, CBD oils are universally accessible, and millions of individuals are benefiting from the tremendous healing properties of CBD.

…but what if we told you that with one simple tool, you could get much better results out of your CBD oils and lotions?

CBD Oil Applicator takes the benefits of your CBD products and elevates them to the next level.

CBD works faster , deeper , longer and more efficiently.
Use less CBD and save money with every application.
No risk – 30 Day satisfaction Gurarantee

CBD not included

Blending Ultrasound Waves and Far-Infrared Heat with Your Topical Oil for Maximum Results

This inexpensive, effective, and easy to use home treatment is a revolutionary way to ensure your CBD oil delivers exceptional relief from pain, discomfort, or tightness.  Using the deep penetrating “soft heat” available through Infrared light, the CBD applicator allows your body to soak in CBD oil fully, delivering almost immediate results while enjoying a deep tissue Infrared therapy session.

Far-Infrared heat has been scientifically proven to increase localized blood flow, release tension, and promote internal healing.  Increased localized blood flow allows the body to zero in on specific pain points and delivers both nutrients and white blood cells to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

When combined with a therapeutic ultrasound frequency designed to open microscopic pores, topically applied oils and lotions can penetrate faster and deeper, providing the ultimate in absorption and healing potential.

What does that mean for you?  Faster, longer, deeper, and better results than you ever thought possible

What does the CBD Wand help treat?

Using the CBD Wand alongside your own CBD product delivers the one-two punch your body deserves to kick pain to the curb.  When the CBD Wand is used with the CBD oil of your choice, along with our proprietary jelly and exclusive Zgel patch, the results are outstanding.

CBD is commonly seen as a great option for muscle pain, tendon and join pain, arthritis, anxiety, acne and other skin conditions and more!

The CBD Wand is Simple to Use

Rub your CBD product on skin.
Add a few drops of the included jelly over the troubled area.
Apply light pressure and rub the CBD Wand back and forth over the impacted area for 5 – 15 minutes.
After your session, place our proprietary Zgel patch (hydrogel patch) over the treated area
Are you ready to be rid of chronic pain forever?  Get started with The CBD Wand Kit today.  Included, you will receive:

The CBD Wand Kit Includes:

The CBD Wand, powered by far-infrared heat and ultrasound
Our proprietary jelly
2 reusable Zgel patches designed to enhance your treatment

Stop letting chronic pain hold you back from living your life.  Regain your zest for life, improve your confidence, and take charge of your health without ever leaving your house.  Order your kit today!

Valuable Feedback From Our Customers

Jeff K

I use CBD regularly for pain relief. I typically use CBD oil or a lotion and it gets expensive. I spend between $40 and $100 for a small bottle that’s supposed to last a month, but never really does. I’ve been using this gadget called the CBD Wand and it works. It works fast, and it makes the CBD work faster and go deeper. It was cheap too. Oh, and the company actually has technical people you can talk to. I called them and spoke to a real live human being that answered all of my questions. Anyway, I’m using half of the CBD I normally do and getting more benefit from it. I’d defiantly recommend it.


I with the CBD shop in Los Angeles and wanted to give a shout out to ZTG for making the CBD Wand. For topical CBD products, like oils and lotions, this machine is nothing short of amazing. It speeds up the effects, makes the topical penetrate better and reduces the amount of CBD needed. Its easy to use by yourself and I think it makes the lower end products work as well as the higher end products. Our customers are using it, and loving it.


It’s mike with CBD sources and we’re recommending the CBD wand for use with oils and lotions. The results are really clear. Love the Hydro Patch also, it’s a great kit!


Raj with Cleveland CBD. The CBD Wand works incredibly well and we’re recommending it to all of our topical customers. Some people are very responsive to CBD and others are not. The good thing about the Wand is that pretty much everyone responds to it. It’s easy to explain, easy to use, and it always helps.


After doing some research and talking with the manufacturer, I just wrapped my head around why the CBD wand works so well. This is my take on it. Sometimes CBD doesn’t get past the first layer of skin and is just wasted. It never gets to where it needs to in order to do it’s job.

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