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Can CBD be used on pets?

If you’ve heard of CBD, then you will know that it is linked to marijuana. Now, who in their right mind would think that marijuana and pets go hand in hand? As crazy as it sounds, the development of marijuana has expanded, and it can be used as a supplement or a treatment for humans and pets.

What is Cannabinoid?

CBD is a chemical that is found in the hemp plant, which is an industrial version of Cannabis sativa. This is a compound that is known as Cannabinoid, and it has been researched to have the ability to be very therapeutic. It has helped humans with anxiety, pain, and stress.

The reason why people can’t see marijuana as a treatment for pets is that they often confuse THC and CBD. THC is the compound that intoxicates, whereas CBD acts as a treatment without inducing the state of high. CBD actually calms a person down, and it may further be used to calm animals down as animals have an endocannabinoid system that can be affected positively by CBD.

How it can help

  • It has been recognized as a way to help animals calm down when they are anxious just as it does in humans. CBDoil can be used on your pet whenever they feel anxious, whether it be a thunderstorm or a car ride. It allows your pet to de-stress and leaves a soothing effect.
  • CBD has been further researched to have the ability to help patients with epilepsy and seizures. It may help deal with the issue of seizures without affecting the liver as other drugs do. So far, it has helped humans, and it can further help the furry loved ones at home. Since we believe the liver is not affected with CBD use, it may be safer and easier to dose for pets.
  • Moreover, further data shows that CBD is a good way to manage pain in humans as it is a compound that has been found to help deal with pain in the nerves. It also controls anandamide, a pain regulating chemical which helps in pain relief.

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