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Can You Add CBD In Your Coffee?

CBD Coffee

CBD is one of many cannabinoids derived from the marijuana or hemp plant. It does not get the user high like the related THC. It has many benefits and can be used topically or orally as a pain reliever and CBD Coffee is absolutely safe!

Benefits of adding CBD to coffee:

Enhances mental alertness:

It can be infused into coffee to increase mental alertness, which is enhanced by caffeine.

Reduces the anxiety level

It can reduce anxiety, as it increases GABA action, relaxes the muscles, and affects the region of the brain responsible for stress-control, known as a hypothalamic function.

Eliminates the negative effects!

It helps reduce the undesirable effects of coffee, such as insomnia and restlessness.

There are some brands that already infuse it in the coffee powders, but you can also use traditional coffee grounds to make coffee, then add 5 to 15mg of CBD oil to it. Its dosage depends on how strong the CBD is.


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