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Do You Know That All CBD Oils Are Not The Same?

The forms and uses of CBD are diverse. Ongoing research continues to discover new ways to use marijuana, and more specifically CBD, therapeutically and medically.


There are different types of CBD, including three different types of CBD oils. The full spectrum oil is one that contains all components of CBD, with less than 0.3% THC. This form of CBD contains the most important Cannabinoids, which have the ability to better help you. With the important cannabinoids together, they all work together to be more effective. However, this type of CBD does contain THC, which may have some intoxicating effect.


Broad-spectrum CBD has slight differences from the full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum is a form of CBD that is extracted from the Cannabis plant with all the Cannabinoids except THC. This, therefore, results in the broad-spectrum CBD not having any intoxicating effects from the THC chemical. However, there are some undiscovered drawbacks that require more scientific research to back up.


This CBD is the purest form of CBD. CBD isolate is literally isolated from the other forms of cannabinoids and is THC free. It is free of terpenes and essential oils, which means it lacks the full potential of the benefits of CBD. It is just pure CBD, which may seem beneficial but is the least used form of CBD due to its lack of essential oils and other beneficial elements.