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Does CBD have side effects?

If you have heard of CBD, then you know how big an impact it is having on people and the consumer market. The fact that CBD comes from Marijuana makes people wary and have conflicting views on its widespread use. Not only do people worry about its connection to Marijuana but also that it is relatively new to the consumer medication market. It’s no secret that most medications have side effects. Similarly, researchers believe there may be some side effects with CBD. You, too, may worry that there will be side effects if you take CBD.

Side effects of CBD

According to research, there is some concern that CBD may cause liver damage. This may result in liver failure or other negative outcomes. Further research is required to determine if this is true and people may have to stop using CBD.

Further information shows that there is a possibility of CBD negatively interacting with other medications. This may exacerbate side effects of certain medications. A doctor or pharmacist should always be contacted prior to adding any new medications or CBD to your life.

An increase of drowsiness and sedation is possible when CBD is mixed with alcohol. It can also happen with certain medications and CBD so care must be taken when mixing any medication with CBD.

CBD can also cause diarrhea and may also affect your appetite.

The possible health benefits of CBD

CBD has been researched to help reduce the number of seizures in epilepsy patients. The FDA has approved CBD in the form of Epidolex which helps reduce seizures in severe cases of epilepsy.

CBD also can be used as a pain reliever. Research shows that it may reduce pain by controlling anandamide production by the Endocannabinoid system, which regulates pain.

It may also help patients suffering from stress and anxiety as CBD has psychoactive effects that control the brain’s effect on the areas that control stress, pain, and anxiety. Research has shown that it can make these afflictions more manageable. Research has even shown it helps with depression.


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