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What is the Topical Wand? 

The Topical Wand is an ultrasound and far infrared machine designed for home use. It has proven to be a quick and inexpensive solution for those needing a faster and more efficient delivery of topicals.


Why does the Topical Wand make topicals work better?

Specific Ultrasound opens the pores and helps dilate the capillaries, sub spectrum far-infrared (4-24 micron) contributes to greater opening of the pores and increased dilation of the capillaries. Cannabinol is then able to penetrate in larger, concentrated amounts deeper into the dermis where it is received by stronger localized blood flow. This stronger localized blood flow can deliver more cannabinol to the targeted site, faster.


Are there any warnings or cautions to consider before buying the Topical Wand?

  • DO NOT USE IF Pregnant
  • Using a pacemaker
  • Su­ffering from body temperature over 38C
  • Suff­ering from any type of infectious or acute disease
  • Suffering from poor heart health or have a pacemaker
  • Suffering from extreme hypertension or cerebral infarction
  • Suffering from contagious dermatitis or ectopic dermatitis
  • Suffering from angioma, herpes zoster, folliculitis acne, furunculus, carbuncle
  • Suffering from bleeding illnesses or injuries
  • Suff­ering from general lupus erythematous, general sclerosis, and addison’s disease
  • Do not use on open wounds or irritated skin If during menstrual cycle, do not use over abdomen area Implanted with intrauterine contraceptive devices.


How long does it take to see benefits from the Topical Wand? 

Most people experience the benefits immediately following a 15-minute session of the Wand.


Are there any clinical studies?

Yes, the clinical studies for the use of both ultrasound and far-infrared for topicals are plentiful. For specific information on clinical studies, please contact us at info@cbdoilapplicator.com<span”> or call us at (805) 277-9092.


Should I talk to a doctor about my using Topical or the Topical Wand?

Yes, it is always recommended that you first speak with your physician for a formal diagnosis and prior to beginning a new treatment.


How long does it take for my Topical Wand to ship?

When you purchase the Topical Wand, it will ship within two business days. We ship though USPS Priority (1-3 days delivery).