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Far Infrared Heat for Increasing the Effect of Topical Medications

You must have seen your parents or grandparents suffering from diseases such as arthritis, chronic fatigue or chronic pain in their joints and backs and would feel helpless on how to help them get rid of them before their next visit with a physical therapist or specialist doctor.

Are you searching for an instant yet reliable method to get rid of the pain?

Great! Here is it “Far Infrared Heat Therapy!”

Far infrared light is a therapy that uses the frequency of invisible light naturally generated by the sun. These waves are at the far end of the infrared spectrum. Moreover, they can penetrate the skin up to three inches deep to provide warmth that can cause an immense relief to internal organs and muscles. It works especially well for the stiffness in joints caused by arthritis. So, yes, we can say that it’s an “INSTANT PAIN RELIEVER,” and a safe and natural alternative therapy used for a variety of purposes.

Do you want to hear about some of the benefits? Read on!

Benefits of Far Infrared Heat-

  • It helps remove toxins produced as a result of metabolic activities in the body
  • It’s a stress and tension reliever for twenty-first century problems
  • It enhances lymphatic flow, so it keeps your immune system humming and even gives your immune system a boost
  • It increases blood circulation so your body will get that extra heat energy to boost your cells and energize them

How is this therapy TOPICAL?

There are several types of FIR therapy methods, starting with professional methods used only by specialists to easy home-use methods. Interesting right?

FIR saunas can be used to deliver the whole body with far-infrared heat, or there are infrared heating pads to target a specific pain area. On a professional level, there are carbon/ceramic heaters that generate heat in the form of low energy, and there is even a method for seniors which is an infrared bedding. It also comes in therapy gloves, socks, undergarments, pillows, and joint braces which have infrared emitting fabrics to generate the infrared heat.

Now that you are familiar with infrared therapy and its benefits, if your peers suffer from any pain related to muscle soreness, fatigue or stiffness, you can easily recommend FIR. You can walk them through the benefits of this therapy which doesn’t require any needles or invasive procedures.


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