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How is the CBD Wand, CBD Jelly, and CBD Hydro Pad Used?

What is the CBD wand and how is it used?

As weird as a CBD wand sounds, it is very effective and helpful. The fun part – CBD is found in Cannabis sativa, a hemp plant, which is often used to treat ailments. So in a way, a CBD wand can be known as a marijuana wand that doesn’t get you high. 

The CBD wand is a soft, heat-inducing instrument that helps improve localized blood circulation. This, along with the application of CBD jelly, works to permeate the skin of the affected area. The wand is rubbed over the affected area, which has CBD jelly on top of it, in a circular motion. A session takes about 30 minutes, with no more than two cycles.

What and how is CBD jelly used?

CBD jelly is exactly what it sounds like: a semi-liquid that acts as a carrier for CBD, as it is mixed in a 1:3 ratio. The jelly is used before the CBD wand is rubbed on the affected area, as it improves the mobility of the wand and allows the CBD to quickly and effectively permeate the skin. The CBD jelly provides a soothing effect and aids the CBD wand in its process.

What is a CBD Hydro Pad (Zgel Patch) and how is it used?

A CBD Zgel Patch acts like a bandage infused with medicine – only there’s no medicine inside: it is a mixture of biodegradable material that forms a pad. 

The reusable Zgel Patch is designed to help the healing continue long after your treatment is finished.  After using the CBD Wand, simply place the Zgel Patch over the treated area.  The powerful patch will temporarily close the pores and increase the concentration of the CBD oil within the epidermis. This will promote the diffusion of the CPD oil deeper into the dermis and eventually the capillaries.

The ZGEL Patch also encourages extended relief, added comfort, and enhanced support.