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Restless legs syndrome symptoms

restless leg syndrome symptoms

When living with restless legs syndrome, you know that it is just not fun. Not only do you get the urge to move your legs, you experience a variety of other ailments. These ailments include a dull throbbing pain in the legs. You may also suffer from Charley horses, insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, and burning. 

 Who suffers from restless leg syndrome? 

 The condition is prevalent, affecting over three million Americans every year. It is more prevalent in the elderly but is also common in mid-aged adults. It has been found that restless leg syndrome is hereditary. You can also suffer from RLS when you are pregnant, mainly due to the hormone change.  People living with diabetes are also susceptible to restless leg syndrome. 


Restless leg syndrome treatments


There are numerous treatments for restless leg syndrome. One medication that is regularly prescribed by doctors for restless leg syndrome is dopamine agonists. If the amount of dopamine in the brain is low, it causes muscle spasms.

The brain’s dopamine level lowers naturally in the evening; hence, restless leg syndrome is more vigorous in the evening. Another common treatment for restless leg syndrome is a nerve pain medication.

Some lifestyle changes will certainly help you; these include decreasing your caffeine intake. It is also recommended to quit smoking if you do, as smoking can increase the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome.

If you can find the time, then using relaxation techniques is an excellent form of treatment. Yoga and meditation are known to have a positive effect and ease some of the symptoms. 


Massages are also very effective at relieving some of the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome. Soaking in cold water therapy is exceptionally useful and has been known to help the patient to overcome the urge to move.

Although it’s not going to eliminate restless leg syndrome, soaking in cold water therapy will help ease the pain and inflammation from constant movement. If you regularly use cold water therapy, you will notice an improvement in the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome and an improvement in your overall joint health.  The use of cold packs can make a difference, as well. 


There are several other treatments available for restless leg syndrome, such as pneumatic compression. This will make a massive difference as it uses compression to improve blood flow and circulation. 

Although it won’t completely relieve the symptoms, a vibration pad will help relax the muscle, inducing sleep. A vibration pad will help to eliminate the urge to move the leg because the vibration replaces it. 


Despite years of research and trial and error, they have yet to find a cure for restless leg syndrome. The treatments above will undoubtedly help to alleviate symptoms and discomfort but will not cure the condition.

While soaking in cold water therapy is highly recommended, you will want to add a light massage to add additional relief. Remember, you are not alone in this, and the treatments are working for others. Try them out, and hopefully, you will find some relief.