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Ultrasound for Increasing the Effectiveness Of Topical Oils

Essential oils are more popular than ever! You must have grown up listening to the wonders of oils from your mother or grandparents and how they have all the magical powers to heal.

Well, it’s the twenty-first century and, topical oils have become a trend especially when they are combined alongside ultrasound technology which has undeniably made the oils unconquerable. I am not talking about your local drugstore baby oil here but plant-based essential oil which is given a boost to be made magical! Yes, the ultrasound waves are the magic!

Essential oils and their benefits

Essential oils are originated from plantsthat have substances known to have biological functions especially antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits. These topical oils are given a lot of buzz for helping with everything from hair therapies to headaches to sleep disorders and sore throats and are used widely in medical processes now. Well, you would have never thought that your grandma’s oils are being exploited to treat diseases in the gynecological, neurological, and dermatological areas. Never underestimate the power of ancestral oils for a cure for a serious disease that might be lying around in your kitchen!

Ultrasound for enhancing oils effectiveness

Essential oils don’t work for everyone.However, if you use these oils transdermally they can be much more effective. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe. Transdermal just means applying the oil through the skin and the skin slowly absorbs it. It’s just an alternative way to administer medicine, or in this case oil, in the body by utilizing the fundamental mechanism of mechanical energy in the ultrasound. It sounds fascinating, right? How simple physics can cure a human being or at least make them feel better.

So how does it work? Ultrasound and its unique mechanical influence on the body!

The essential oil is applied to the target area in the body, and mechanical energy occurs as the piezoelectric crystals or oils are converted into vibrations and transmitted into the patient’s skin. It’s as simple as that. This method is commonly used to treat polyarthritis, which is arthritis in five or more joints. Hence the sound waves from the ultrasound can increase skin permeability and make it more receptive to the oils.

The ultrasound technique is the most painless way to cure painful problems, hence topical oils combined with sound energy can make your problems go away. Don’t you think science is amazing?


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