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What Can CBD Oil and CBD Lotion be used for?

How does CBD work? 

Yes, CBD is linked to marijuana, but there are some key differences. CBD has an effect on the brain, but it isn’t what you’re probably thinking: CBD does not get you high. Instead, it affects your mood, your mental function, and the pain you experience. CBD influences the chemicals that affect all of these things, helping you to relax without getting you high. Some research suggests that CBD may even help with certain conditions like schizophrenia.

The researched and possible health benefits of CBD

Who would’ve thought that a substance so similar to weed could have so many health benefits? The FDA has approved of CBD for some applications as research has shown it to be useful and therapeutic in various ways:

  • It has been shown to help relieve anxiety. CBD makes it possible for someone to manage their anxiety as it has an effect on serotonin and your brain receptors. This aids in reducing stress and the physical effects of anxiety, and it helps a person sleep more easily.
  • Further studies show that CBD alleviates the pain a person experiences as CBD oil can act as an anti-inflammatory treatment that reduces pain and swelling. CBD may help discomfort caused by arthritis, muscle pain, and chronic pain.
  • CBD may work wonders on acne as it has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oil may have an effect on sebaceous glands, which control the oil, known as sebum, that is produced in the skin. Too much sebum leads to acne, which is why CBD
  • may be able to help.

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