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Why can’t CBD get you high?

People often wonder if CBD can get you high as it has a link with marijuana, but it is important to distinguish the difference between CBD and THC, which is the chemical that can get you high.

Understanding the idea of CBD

It is usually a lack of understanding that leads to doubt about CBD. CBD is a chemical that is derived from marijuana, usually found in a specific type of Cannabis, which is known as Industrial Hemp. Hemp is grown to make medicated Cannabis, and CBD is solely used for medical purposes. This is why the FDA has approved of some CBD products; however, there is still a lack of scientific backup that supports the use of CBD. Studies suggest, however, that CBD has been helpful in treating Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, anxiety, and acne.

How it doesn’t get you high

When you think of marijuana or cannabis, the first thing that might come to mind is getting high, but this comes from the misconception that marijuana is only used as a drug.

The part of marijuana that gets you high is a chemical called THC. THC is extracted from Cannabis sativa. CBD is related to marijuana but comes from a specific type of Cannabis, industrial hemp, and does not get you high. It is important to distinguish the differences between these chemicals in order to highlight the potential for CBD to be used as a treatment or medical supplement.


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